As soon as you walk into this facility you can tell that all of the trainers and individuals that train at Dimond Fitness have a real passion for what they do. I am always motivated and inspired when i am able to work out at this facility. The facility provides all kinds of equipment to add variety to your workouts, but most importantly the gym has such an uplifting atmosphere and being able to work out with other individuals who share the same goals is priceless.

- Jade Mowery

I started off training with Erin in 2013. I met her while I tagged along with one of my friends to a personal bootcamp she had booked with Erin.  I saw Erin, and she immediately became an inspiration. Her physique was amazing (ehem #erindavisass. I remember walking out of her bootcamp and looking at tori and saying... I mean was it just me or did you see her ass!?) and she wasn't even on prep.

From there I started training for my first npc bikini contest. I ate 'pretty' healthy before but after going through the process with Erin I have learned an insane amount of information about nutrition/how big of a role it plays into transforming the body... and it has literally changed the way I view food forever.

Since working with her I believe I have packed on about 5-7lbs of muscle. I used to be a teeny tiny little thing that was so self-conscious. Erin has played a big  part in helping me transform Into a more confident person through weight training.

Erin's approach to fitness 1. Is real. She never beats around the bush and she will tell you like it is based on your goals. She isn't going to bullshit you and tell you things that you want to hear. She will be honest and straightforward. 2. It's healthy. She isn't one of those trainers that is going to starve you. She does things the healthy way so you achieve what you need to achieve at a maintainable level (and I'm saying that as a competitor!)

My experience with Erin has taken my outlook on health and fitness to a higher level. She's helped me find a greater passion for the lifestyle and has opened my eyes to realistic goals. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

- Chelsie Burkhart

Working with Erin has truly changed my life. I'd always worked out in some form or fashion and had been eating very “clean” for about a year. I felt like I just wasn't getting the results I wanted, wasn't really developing muscle like I would have liked, and I missed having a goal. Erin really put the puzzle pieces together for me when it came to nutrition, cardio, lifting, and the mental aspect of it all. I would say that Erin is not only a coach that helped me reach my fitness goals, but she has truly helped me become a more confident women. She is a true inspiration, providing guidance through her own obstacles, life lessons, and experiences. I tell Erin thank you time and again, because I credit her with helping me transform my life, mind, and of course, body. I am healthier now than I ever have been, both physically and mentally, and I will always have Erin to thank!

- Devon Pearson

I know it sounds corny, but I’m being sincere and honest when I tell you that Erin’s training program has changed my life. Like most girls my age, I had A LOT of body image issues. I bounced around from restrictive dieting to eating everything to not eating at all.  I can’t tell you how many times I would see “Top 10 foods for a flat belly!” and would decide to go on a diet that included only those 10 foods. Or all of the times I promised myself to do the “10 Minutes to Toned Legs!” challenges on Pinterest before I got in the shower every night. And let’s not forget the daily 1-2 hour cardio sessions that kept me “fit” (and soft)! I thought I had tried everything. What’s worse is that I thought getting a hot body would solve all my problems.  

I originally hired Erin after I saw all of the transformations on her Instagram, and I thought “Wow, if she can make rock hard bodies out of all those people, she can do it for me too!”  So, I started her diet/exercise program the week after I graduated from college. I won’t lie-I struggled on her program for a long time. It wasn’t because the program itself was difficult to abide by, but because I didn’t realize how many problems I really had to work on. I needed better self-control and to learn how to self motivate. I needed to give my body balance and CONSISTENCY (no yo-yo dieting!). I needed to learn that Erin’s program wasn't a short-term fix; she was helping me build a body that I could have for a lifetime. And THAT is what makes Erin an amazing trainer. She’s not training you to get a body that you can’t sustain on your own. She pushes you to learn from your mistakes and helps you find ways to avoid ever making them again. Having problems sticking to your diet? She doesn’t yell at you and tell you to try harder. Instead, she breaks down exactly what is causing the problem and helps you work around it. She wants you to learn how to balance food and exercise and all the curveballs in life…I mean, I packed up my life and moved all the way to Japan in the middle of her program and I still got results!! Erin can get you through anything! Not only did she help me lose 20 lbs and over 16 inches around my body, but also helped me gain insane confidence, strength, and a balanced mental state with my body image. Best. Trainer. Ever! 

- Tori Smeglin

After creeping Erin on Instagram, I knew she was going to be the trainer that was actually going to hold me accountable and help me reach my goals. Choosing her was a natural choice not only since I have known her since middle school, but because her passion for fitness is so obvious. Since training with Erin, I have completely transformed my lifestyle and I literally couldn’t have gotten where I am today without her. I have had many trainers in the past that really didn’t have the knowledge that Erin teaches each of her clients – teach being the key word. I used to hate Myfitnesspal because I didn’t understand it, but with Erin’s help I finally understand how to use it to track my macros. She is constantly working to improve her business and to educate herself and I have truly enjoyed being one of her clients and seeing her grow. The experience of training with Erin is much more than the competition aspect, it’s about learning about yourself and that you are capable of much more than you ever thought possible. The journey that Erin has helped me take has completely changed not only the physical but the mental aspect of who I am, and I can’t thank her enough.

- Amanda Duncan

I always considered myself a ‘healthy” person because I enjoyed healthy foods and spent a lot of time at the gym.  Despite my healthy eating and hours at the gym, I was still not happy with how I looked or felt.  Clearly I was doing something wrong if I was not getting the results I wanted.  When I was told to follow Erin Davis (now Erin Dimond) on Instagram about a year ago, I didn’t know that I would be so inspired by her page that I would actually reach out for advice.  I started online training with Erin in February of 2014 and could not believe the immediate results I was seeing!  Erin’s balanced approach to dieting and exercise made my fat loss journey something far from impossible.  She provides you with all the tools you need to succeed while educating you along the way.  This is not a standard “eat this do that” plan for all.  Erin clearly trains her clients on a customer by customer basis based on their individual goals.  Working with and learning from Erin has inspired me to take this lifestyle to the next level and take on the competition stage in the spring.  Erin led me to great fat loss results, and is now leading me to great muscle building results!  I am lifting heavier than I ever thought I could and I cannot believe the strength I have been able to build up over the past few months of this building phase through Erin’s guidance.  Her intelligence, encouragement, and passion for this lifestyle is extremely motivating and contagious which makes this journey of working with her that much more exciting!

I am so glad that I chose Erin to train me, and now coach me as I take my health and fitness journey to the next level!

- Amanda Woolf

When I first reached out to Erin, I was only looking to lose those last stubborn 10lbs that was keeping me from my initial goal weight. I have struggled on my own and grown tired with watching the scale fluctuate up and down due to inconsistency. After I sent her my specifics, she gave me a crystal clear plan that was really easy to follow for both my workouts and nutrition. Let me tell you, the beginning was a little rocky, but Erin provided the perfect balance of accountability, motivation, and honesty to keep me going. With Erin, I learned the importance of consistency - she is really good at giving you a good reality check when needed.After getting into the swing of things I went from 137lbs to 124lbs within a couple of months. With her help I was ecstatic to reach my goal, along with a new sense of confidence and realizing my potential.

This is what first sparked interest in entering an NPC bikini competition. I decided to prep with Erin, and not only did she guide me through my program, but provided much emotional support during the ups and downs of contest prep. Ultimately I coasted through, and ended up placing 4th in both open and novice at my very first competition. Even though Erin and I are thousands of miles apart, we ended up forming a great relationship of honesty and respect for each other. Now I’ve learned how to be truly accountable and honest with myself. My mentality and lifestyle has made a complete turnaround, and I can’t thank Erin enough!

- Kristin Ruiz

Hiring Erin as a prep coach/online trainer has been the greatest journey into bodybuilding a girl could ask for. She has taught me so much about the bodybuilding world, prepping for a show, and doing it in a sustainable way. When I first decided that I wanted to compete, I didn't realize that so many girls did it in an unhealthy and unsustainable way, and I am so grateful to have hired a coach that knows her stuff and puts her client's health first before simply just getting on stage with results that they won't be proud of. She is certainly a coach that doesn't "fish for you" and instead teaches you "how to fish." For that I'm grateful of the knowledge I've gained throughout being her client. I've also fallen in love with the sport of bodybuilding and without her being my coach, I don't think that would have been possible.

- Monika Perkerwicz

Growing up I was always super active. I was a gymnast for 3 years, I cheered for 6 years, as well as played softball for 6 years.  My junior year of high school (2009), I was in a car accident that changed my life forever. I suffered with a back injury, had a 6mm herniated disc (as well as some other minor injuries), and went from being a super active teenager to being basically bed ridden and not being able to do anything in a matter of seconds. December 15, 2010 I decided to take the last resort and get back surgery. They took out my disc (L5 S1), put a spacer in, and fused my spine to my sacrum. I had no idea if I was going to be able to walk after surgery let alone be my active self, but it was a risk I took and I am so glad that I did!

Fast-forward 3 years, after not being able to do anything (for 4 years) I decided to take control of my life again and get back into shape. I was just missing that little fire to stay motivated. So May 2013 I decided that I was going to compete in my first bikini competition in August of that year, and the rest is history. Setting a goal and sticking to it has forced me to get to where I am today. I was pleased with how I looked for my first competition, but knew I needed some help to get me to the next level. I did a bunch of research on coaches and came across Erin and just knew she was the one!

Prior to working with Erin I had done macros, so I already had a little knowledge about how it works. But WOW does she give you some awesome info! She is very knowledgeable when it comes to competing and shares all her secrets with you. I have learned so much about how and when to eat, as well as the types of food to eat before and after a workout. Because I was an online client, knowing that I had to check-in weekly really helped me stay focused. The accountability was awesome and knowing that I have a coach that cares about me and takes pride in helping me reach my goals made it easy to stay on track. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my prep with her. It has been the easiest prep so far and she helped me bring the best package I have every brought to the stage (yet). Another thing I loved about her prep was the little cardio she made me do (I HATE cardio, but she has taught me to love it and it’s now a routine of mine). I have taken every piece of advice from Erin and have made it a lifestyle change.

Even though from the very beginning she wanted me to do figure, I will always be a bikini girl at heart; although one day I am going to try it, and I am sure I will fall in love!  Thank you for everything and for being real! I can’t thank you enough for what you have taught me and for helping me achieve the body that I have today!  

- Janelle Randall

I'm a mom of 2 children.  After having them I struggled with my weight.  I remember just feeling so ashamed that I had let myself go.  I started working out on my own and lost some weight, but I needed additional help.  That's when I started online training with Erin the summer of 2013, mostly in preparation for my sister's wedding. I remember reading through all the material provided by Erin before I started.  I made a commitment to myself to follow it and listen to Erin, even thought I questioned some of things on my plans.  Let me tell you though, during this time I realized that Erin knows her shit and a lot of what I thought I knew about fitness and eating right was actually pretty wrong.   I followed the meal and workout plans and lost about 8 pounds in 7 weeks, but the real results of following the plan came in the before and after pictures.  I saw so much change in my body.  Erin was there to answer questions, provide encouragement and hold me accountable with my weekly check-ins.   

Then I began group training with Erin in January 2014 at Dimond Fitness.  I realized I wasn't lifting as heavy as I should have been when I did the workouts by myself.  She also helped correct my form to ensure I was lifting correctly.  I personally am the type of person that does better in a group setting than working out on my own..  The group of girls that train together are AMAZING.  We support and encourage each other.  I always joke that Erin and her gym are my happy place and my therapy.  It's the only time I get for just myself.  Erin is smart, fun, dedicated, motivating and an excellent trainer.  It's an amazing experience and I'm so grateful to call her my friend and trainer.   

My advice and disclaimer:  You have to go in having an open mind, trust Erin and you will see results!  Erin does not take any bullshit or excuses, so if you're not ready to commit then don't waste your time and money. 

-  Katie Scales